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The International Taekwon-Do Federation was founded on March 22nd, 1966, by General Choi Hong Hi. At that time, nine countries were involved: Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, West Germany, USA, Turkey, Italy, and Egypt.
Taekwon-Do is now taught in almost every country in the world, and General Choi is recognized as the Father of Taekwon-Do.
The mission of the ITF is to represent, promote, and work for the development of the practice of Taekwon-Do in all countries by:
Coordinating and certifying Taekwon-Do activities such as competitions and seminars
Setting and enforcing high quality standards for technique and teaching
Identifying and collaborating with affiliated organizations, such as Continental Federations, National Associations, and Allied National Associations
Providing assistance to local Taekwon-Do organizations
Certification for Black Belt holders, international instructors and umpire
Come and train Taekwon-Do with us!
Our Head Instructor Virginia Dionisi (VI Degree), World and European Champion, has been black belt for more than twenty years and is happy to transfer her knowledge and experience to students together with her team of instructors.
We offer you:
- Quality instruction in a supportive, friendly and safe environment
- Improvement of your athletic abilities and self-awareness
- National and international seminars and competitions
- Development of your self defense capabilities
- Lessons tailored to your age and skill level
- An international atmosphere
- Activity to do as a family
- And a lot of fun!
Join us now!
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