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What is Eventify?
Eventify Life is an innovative product for a niche market. It accelerates communication between people who are providing activities and those who are searching for activities in the area of personal development. It is in high demand among parents and people who seek valuable activities.
Win-win approach
All participants benefit from our highly efficient marketplace:
  • Event organisers
  • Teachers
  • Venues owners
  • Consumers searching for events and classes
Human values are our first priorities
We are not afraid of the competition in the area of event service marketing because our solution is turned towards people and their real needs, rather than commonly used tools that are based on an advertising approach.
The services that we already provide in our roadmap are absolutely unique in the market and cover all of the needs of our audiences.
Business model
While the service is provided for free to those who are searching for events, our business model is based on clients (event organisers, teachers and venues) freemium subscriptions plans that cover all their needs. Our roadmap offers valuable services such as online ticketing, attendance control, a website builder and detailed statistics about users (without any effect on their privacy).
On average, only 10% of event organisers, teachers and service providers in our domain are aligned with modern technology. All the rest rely on manual work and viral communications.
At least 90% of the websites of service providers are hard to find and process by an average person. Approximately 60% of our potential clients don’t even have a website relying only on social networks groups and pages 60-70% of event organisers only accept cash payments incrementing their own risks.
10% request money transfers, which are time-consuming for both sides and provoke the loss of attendees.
Our powerful and cost-effective approach allows to make our business model highly profitable!
Our team
Eventify Life is a team of 11 highly skilled and motivated people. We have found our first investor in 2 weeks from our basic POC application aunch. We have created a ready to use product from scratch in 4 month period.
Evgeniya Slinko
CEO & Founder
All-rounder. Entrepreneur by nature. 13 years in software development.
Very strong technical experience.
7 years in startups as co-founder or Product Manager.
Plays violin, loves to draw, married, has two children. Strongly believes that there are more good people in the world but they are just worse connected.
Joren De Wachter
Co-Founder, first investor (silent partner)
Startup specialist. Investor (SparkCentral, e.a.) and serial entrepreneur.
COO at seats.io.
Trained as a lawyer (partner in small boutique firm, then General Counsel of software business), later became independent IP strategist, with focus on startup business models. Aspiring polymath.
Plays the guitar in a band. Married, two children. Interested in new models of economics and organisation.
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