Dominique Leurant

Personal development
Visual arts
art therapy
language learning

I was trained in Brussels as a french teacher for foreigners. My approach in teaching is to be very close to the students. I use a lot of creativity in the way I interact with the people who follow my both private and group classes. For example, we don't need simply to follow an academic program, but we can rather make some handcrafts together while talking. Of course the language goes first but we make it fun and joyful.
My creative nature also pushed me to another topic that I feel very passionate about. This is Art Therapy.
In our small classes you will be able to completely disconnect from the daily routine and get to know yourself better by simply painting (or drawing). You don't need any painting skills to be able to open the door to your heart and release the blocks created by the society. The relief that you will get from both process and the result will make you feel a nice emotional "reset" and give energy to come back to earth in a different state.
I feel a deep contact with people who come to my classes and I'm always happy to see what they are getting.
I'm welcoming everyone who is looking for the creative approach while learning french and who is seeking an inner piece discovering themselves via the arts.
Dominique Leurant (en, fr, nl)
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