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Time18:30 – 20:30
Duration: 2 Hours
#Visual arts #abstraction #drawing

Techniques of abstraction - using materials

Master class, workshop
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#Visual arts#abstraction#drawing
10 classes
€275 / Semester
Reservations required
Materials included

The classes are given once per week. This course is intended for students who are beginners or who already have basic technique.

Philippe Briade founded Woluwart and has been teaching for 9 years.

He developed an original approach based on his artistic experimentation and his experience as a graphic designer.

Main themes of the classes:

• Dipping, using coloured baths

• Monotypes, transferring shapes and textures, using plastics

• Scraping, spatulas, serrated spatulas, corrugated cardboard, string, rollers

• Paintbrushes, large brushes, using rhythmic effects, gradient backgrounds

• Cutting out, covering, patterns, masks, handmade tools

• Using materials such as sand or coffee, texturizing agents

• Posca paint markers, drawing lines using strings and wires

• Construction and development, framing a final work with previous works

• The masters of abstraction, study and documentation, definition

• How to find an abstract subject, converting realism into an abstract work

• The hidden structure of abstraction, the golden ratio, inspired by Mondrian

• Working on randomness, gesture work, large-scale work, inspired by Pollock

• Organic, mineral, and microbial shapes, inspired by Ken Denning

• Perspective, depth, blurring/sharpening, near/far inspired by Charlene Von Heyl

• Cutting out coloured shapes, collages in the style of Matisse

• Creating a personal work of your choice in the style of an abstract artist


18:30 – 20:30


10 classes
€275 / Semester
Reservations required
Materials included
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