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Duration: 1 Hour
#hatha yoga #Specially for kids

Kids yoga

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#hatha yoga#Specially for kids
€15 / Session

Yoga for children is a complex of yoga exercises, which contributes to the normal physical and mental development of the child's body. The main task of yoga for children is to strengthen health and develop in the child an attentive and respectful attitude towards one's body. Children's yoga helps to develop coordination, physical endurance, flexibility and strength. Asanas or "yoga postures" systematically strengthen all the muscles of the body, without exception, make them elastic, develop the mobility of the joints. A very important function of such exercises is strengthening the internal organs of the child, as a result of improving the protective properties of the body and the work of the gastrointestinal tract, increasing resistance to infectious diseases.

Yoga helps to form a correct posture, as it strengthens the muscular corset. In addition, for children who are overweight and who do not have the opportunity or desire to actively move, a set of asanas will become an excellent assistant in the struggle for harmony. Yoga classes with children are held in a playful form. The instructor tries to get hold of the child's imagination with the help of a fairy tale. Children like to copy the behavior of animals, so they will happily repeat the asana of the "frog" or "dog face down."

€15 / Session
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