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Duration: 1 Hour
#Self-care #pregnancy #Yoga & Meditation

Yoga for pregnant women

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#Self-care#pregnancy#Yoga & Meditation
€15 / Session

Many doctors recognize that future mothers practicing yoga have good physical health and radiate optimism. Their bodies are plastic and prepared to ensure that during childbirth they can take any comfortable pose. With the help of yoga exercises (they are called asanas), you can get rid of various types of pain associated with pregnancy and reduce the pain caused directly by birth.

What exactly does yoga give to future mothers? In short, yoga is not only a set of stretching exercises, but also techniques for cleansing the body, relaxing and proper breathing. The meaning of any yoga exercise is not that, as folk myths say, tie in three knots or a month to do without food. Yoga teaches us to find convenience in any unusual or uncomfortable situation - physical and psychological. And, of course, it strengthens the body and spirit.

€15 / Session
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